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Product Description:

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution is an effective anti-parasitic medication specially formulated for treating a range of parasitic infections in dogs and puppies. This high-quality solution is developed to ensure effective control of parasites that can negatively affect canine health, making it a go-to product for pet owners and veterinarians. Fenbendazole, the active ingredient, is notable for its broad-spectrum efficacy and is integral to canine parasite management.

Key Parasites Targeted:

1. Large Strongyles: Although more common in other animals, the solution can be used if such parasites affect dogs, ensuring their health and comfort.
2. Small Strongyles: It protects dogs and puppies from small strongyles, providing comprehensive defense against these parasites.
3. Encysted Cyathostome Larvae: The treatment is capable of addressing encysted cyathostome larvae in its various stages, offering complete parasite lifecycle management.
4. Pinworms: Tailored to eliminate pinworms, the solution helps to stop their growth and safeguard canine health.
5. Ascarids: Fenbendazole’s powerful anti-parasitic action ensures the thorough removal of ascarids, a common parasitic threat to dogs and puppies.
6. Arteritis caused by Strongylus vulgaris: In cases where dogs are affected, the product also helps manage complications caused by Strongylus vulgaris larvae.

Broad-Spectrum Defense:

The 10% fenbendazole concentration in this liquid solution boosts its ability as a broad-spectrum defense, effectively treating various parasitic worms and providing a multifaceted approach to canine parasite management.

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Ease of Administration:

Fenbendazole 10% comes in a liquid form that allows for easy and accurate dosing, minimizing stress for both dogs and their owners during administration.

Common Dosing Instructions for Dogs & Puppies:

• Prevention and Treatment: Dosage for dogs and puppies will vary depending on weight and the type of infection. It is often recommended to give 1 ml per 4.54 kg (10 lbs) of body weight for a 3-day regimen for common parasites.

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Comprehensive Protection:

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution offers extensive protection against a variety of parasitic threats, promoting the health, vitality, and longevity of dogs and puppies. This product is a testament to the advances in veterinary medicine and a crucial element in maintaining canine health.

What is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution?

An anthelmintic solution containing fenbendazole, effective against various parasites in dogs and puppies.

Who is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution for?

It is specifically designed for the treatment and control of parasitic infections in dogs and puppies.

How does Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution work in dogs and puppies?

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution acts as a potent deworming agent for canines, using a well-defined mechanism to combat parasitic infestations. The active ingredient, fenbendazole, disrupts the metabolic pathways of parasites, leading to reduced energy production and resulting in their death.

1. Metabolic Interference:
As part of the benzimidazole group of anthelmintics, fenbendazole interferes with the metabolic activities of parasites, ensuring effective distribution throughout the dog’s body.

2. Targeting Parasitic Metabolism:
The solution impedes essential enzymes and proteins within the parasites that are necessary for their metabolism, disrupting their nutrient processing.

3. Disruption of Energy Production:
The action of fenbendazole on the energy-producing mitochondria within parasites leads to significant energy depletion.

4. Paralysis and Death of Parasites:
The resulting metabolic and energetic disruptions lead to the paralysis and subsequent death of the parasites, ensuring the medication’s effectiveness across various parasitic species.

5. Broad-Spectrum Action:
Its broad-spectrum activity is especially beneficial in treating different types of worms and parasitic infections commonly found in dogs and puppies.

6. Safety and Minimal Side Effects:
Fenbendazole is known for its safety and minimal side effects, important for ensuring the health of dogs and puppies during treatment.

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In summary, Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution, with its action focused on metabolic disruption and energy production interference, stands out as an effective and comprehensive tool for managing parasitic infections in canines. It provides a reliable and safe deworming option for dog owners and veterinarians.


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How is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution sold?

The solution is available for purchase in various sizes: 25ml, 200mL, 1000mL, and 1 Gallon.

Special Precautions:

Use cautiously when administering in conjunction with other medications and always consult a veterinarian before combining with other treatments.


Store in a cool, dry place, ideally at 77°F (25°C

Helpful Tips:

To prevent re-infestation and maintain optimal health, follow a regular deworming schedule as recommended by a veterinarian.

**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**
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