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Product Description:

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution is an advanced anti-parasitic formulation engineered to effectively treat and control a broad range of parasitic infections in pigs and swine. This precisely crafted solution stands out for its efficacy in eradicating various parasites that pose a threat to porcine health, making it a trusted option for swine producers and veterinary professionals. The active substance, fenbendazole, is renowned for its broad-spectrum action and is a vital component in the realm of swine health management.

Key Parasites Targeted:

1. Large Strongyles: The liquid solution is particularly formulated to counteract large strongyles in pigs, preventing the detrimental effects these parasites can have on swine health.
2. Small Strongyles: It is equally effective against small strongyles, delivering thorough protection against this type of parasite, which is a common issue in swine.
3. Encysted Cyathostome Larvae: Fenbendazole combats encysted cyathostome larvae at various developmental stages, offering a comprehensive approach to parasite control.
4. Pinworms: The solution specifically targets pinworms, halting their growth and spread among the swine population.
5. Ascarids: The robust anti-parasitic properties of fenbendazole ensure the elimination of ascarids in pigs.
6. Arteritis caused by Strongylus vulgaris: The product also combats arteritis resulting from the larvae of Strongylus vulgaris, enhancing the overall health of pigs and swine.

Broad-Spectrum Defense:

The 10% fenbendazole concentration in this liquid formulation boosts its effectiveness as a broad-spectrum countermeasure against various parasitic worms, providing a versatile tool for managing porcine parasites.

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Ease of Administration:

The liquid state of Fenbendazole 10% simplifies the administration process, allowing for precise dosing with minimal stress for the animals. This user-friendly characteristic promotes a straightforward and effective deworming experience for both pigs and their caregivers.

Common Dosing Instructions:

• Prevention: Piglets: 10 mg/kg for a single dose.
• Adult Swine: 5 mg/kg for a single dose.
• Treatment: 20 mg/kg for a single dose.

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Comprehensive Protection:

By targeting and neutralizing a spectrum of parasitic threats, Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution offers extensive protection for pigs and swine, contributing to their overall health, energy, and longevity. This formulation is a testament to the evolution of veterinary medicine and is an invaluable resource in maintaining the health of pig populations.

What is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution?

An anthelmintic solution with fenbendazole as its active ingredient, highly effective against various parasites affecting pigs and swine.

Who is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution for?

It is intended for the deworming of pigs and swine.

How does Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution work in pigs and swine?

Fenbendazole 10% functions as a potent deworming agent for pigs and swine, employing an advanced mechanism to counter parasitic infestations. It works by disrupting the metabolic activities of the parasites, leading to their inability to sustain energy production, and ultimately causing their demise.

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1. Metabolic Interference:
As a member of the benzimidazole class of anthelmintics, fenbendazole disrupts the metabolic processes of parasites, which are absorbed into the bloodstream and reach the sites of infection.

2. Targeting Parasitic Metabolism:
It inhibits key enzymes and proteins necessary for the metabolic pathways of the parasites, which undermines their nutrient processing capabilities.

3. Disruption of Energy Production:
A crucial aspect of fenbendazole’s action is the interruption of the energy synthesis in the parasites’ mitochondria, depleting their energy reserves.

4. Paralysis and Death of Parasites:
The resultant metabolic impairment and energy deficit lead to the paralysis and subsequent death of the parasites, ensuring the effectiveness of the medication across different parasitic species.

5. Broad-Spectrum Action:
Its extensive action spectrum is particularly beneficial for treating various types of worms and parasitic issues commonly found in pigs and swine.

6. Safety and Minimal Side Effects:
Fenbendazole is recognized for its safe profile and limited side effects, important for ensuring the welfare of pigs and swine during treatment.

In summary, Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution’s complex mode of action, based on metabolic interference and energy production disruption, highlights its importance as a powerful and multifaceted tool in the management of parasites in pigs and swine. It provides a trustworthy option for those seeking effective and safe deworming alternatives for their porcine animals.


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Active Ingredient(s):


How is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution sold?

It is available in 25ml, 200mL, 1000mL, and 1 Gallon sizes.

Special Precautions:

Use cautiously in combination with other medications. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before use with other treatments.


Store in a cool, dry location at 77°F (25°C).

Helpful Tips:

Routine treatments every six to eight weeks can help prevent re-infestation and maintain the health of the pig and swine herds.


**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**
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