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Product Description:

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution is a carefully formulated anti-parasitic medication designed to effectively treat a range of parasitic infections in rabbits and bunnies. This solution is created to provide reliable control of parasites that can impact the health of lagomorphs, making it an essential option for rabbit owners and veterinarians. The active ingredient, fenbendazole, is recognized for its broad-spectrum efficacy and is fundamental to rabbit parasite management programs.

Key Parasites Targeted:

1. Large Strongyles: While more common in equine species, this solution can address large strongyles in rabbits when necessary, ensuring their health is not compromised.
2. Small Strongyles: It also offers protection against small strongyles, providing a thorough defense against these parasites in rabbits and bunnies.
3. Encysted Cyathostome Larvae: The treatment manages encysted cyathostome larvae, covering all stages of development for comprehensive parasite control.
4. Pinworms: Specially formulated to combat pinworms, the solution assists in stopping their proliferation, thereby supporting the health of rabbits and bunnies.
5. Ascarids: Leveraging fenbendazole’s potent anti-parasitic properties, the solution ensures the complete eradication of ascarids in rabbits.
6. Arteritis caused by Strongylus vulgaris: Though less common in rabbits, the product also provides a remedy for complications related to Strongylus vulgaris larvae if needed.

Broad-Spectrum Defense:

The 10% fenbendazole concentration in this liquid solution strengthens its capability as a broad-spectrum defense, effectively treating various parasitic worms and offering a versatile approach to managing parasites in rabbits and bunnies.

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Ease of Administration:

The liquid formulation of Fenbendazole 10% enables straightforward administration, allowing for precise dosing with minimal stress to the animals. This convenience ensures an effective and smooth deworming process.

Common Dosing Instructions:

• Prevention and Treatment: Dosage for rabbits and bunnies will vary based on weight and the type of parasitic infection. Consult a veterinarian for accurate dosing recommendations.


Fenbendazole 10% Dosage Calculator

Comprehensive Protection:

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution provides widespread protection against a variety of parasitic threats, promoting the health, vitality, and longevity of rabbits and bunnies. This product represents a significant advancement in veterinary care for small mammals.

What is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution?

An anthelmintic solution with fenbendazole as the active ingredient, it is effective against a range of parasites in rabbits and bunnies.

Who is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution for?

It is specifically formulated for the treatment and prevention of parasitic infections in rabbits and bunnies.

How does Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution work in rabbits and bunnies?

Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution serves as an efficient deworming agent for lagomorphs, utilizing a targeted mechanism to counteract parasitic infestations. Fenbendazole interferes with the metabolic functions of parasites, leading to a decrease in their energy production and subsequent elimination.

1. Metabolic Interference:
As a benzimidazole anthelmintic, fenbendazole impedes the metabolic processes of parasites, ensuring thorough distribution within the rabbit’s body to target the infections.

2. Targeting Parasitic Metabolism:
The solution inhibits essential enzymes and proteins needed for the parasites’ metabolism, disrupting their ability to process nutrients effectively.

3. Disruption of Energy Production:
Fenbendazole adversely affects the energy-producing mitochondria within the parasites, resulting in a critical depletion of their energy reserves.

4. Paralysis and Death of Parasites:
The metabolic and energy production interference leads to the paralysis and eventual death of the parasites, ensuring the medication’s effectiveness against various species.

5. Broad-Spectrum Action:
Its broad action spectrum is beneficial in treating different types of worms and parasitic infections that commonly affect rabbits and bunnies.

6. Safety and Minimal Side Effects:
Fenbendazole is known for its safety and minimal side effects, which is particularly important for the well-being of rabbits and bunnies during deworming treatments.

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In conclusion, Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution, with its mechanism focused on metabolic disruption and interference in energy production, stands out as a potent and comprehensive tool for managing parasitic infections in rabbits and bunnies. It provides a dependable and safe option for small mammal owners and veterinary practitioners.


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Active Ingredient(s):


How is Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Solution sold?

The solution is available in sizes including 25ml, 200mL, 1000mL, and 1 Gallon.

Special Precautions:

Use with caution in conjunction with other medications, and always consult with a veterinarian before combining with other treatments.


Store in a cool, dry location, preferably at 77°F (25°C).

Helpful Tips:

Maintain a regular deworming schedule, as recommended by a veterinarian, to prevent re-infestation and ensure the ongoing health of your rabbit or bunny.

**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**
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